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Since 1997 Delta Schutzhund Club members have consistently been on the podium at Regional and National Canadian Championships and have made many appearances on the Canadian team at the WUSV World Championships.

World Level

7 Delta club members have represented Canada on the Canadian National team with 21 appearances, and 10 different dogs

1 time highest world score Obedience

National Level

1st place: 4 Delta Club members have won the Canadian Nationals 8 times with 6 different dogs

Delta members have had many additional National podium appearances over the years

Most of our members have been in the sport for over 20 years and this has culminated in world class experienced spotters in the obedience phase, as well as strong and reliable support work for the handlers and helpers in the protection phase

The Delta Shutzhund Club currently has about 15 active members who regularly meet up to train, compete, or hold social events. We are located in the Lower Mainland of BC, with our main grounds situated near the Surrey/Langley border. 

Our club is dedicated to fostering a safe, friendly and supportive environment for Schutzhund/IGP enthusiasts to learn, practice and spend time with their dogs.  The ultimate goal is to improve our canine relationships and to develop the skills necessary to compete at IPG trials. 

We have members with decades of experience as well as those new to the sport. Our focus is on training to compete and have been very successful over the years with members being both on the podium and winning the Quebec and Western Regional Championships, The Canadian National Championships, and competing in the World Championships. Our training director Ralph Gilby received the highest obedience score (98 points) at the World Championship in 2017 (out of 139 competitors from 36 different countries) and our own Karen Sinclair had Canada's highest overall score.  So yes, we take our dogs and this sport seriously, but competing is not the only goal at our club — we also believe in fostering friendships and strive to mentor newcomers.


Our Training

We train Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-10pm and Saturdays from 12-6pm. We train at our club grounds located in Langley and track at various fields throughout the Fraser Valley. We train 12 months a year (weather permitting) and a good assortment of Gortex clothing is recommended. We all have busy lives but we encourage our members to come out as often as possible in order to reach the goals they have set out. 

Our Dogs and People

At Delta Schutzhund Club we have 15 members with almost all members owning and training German Shepherds. We do have a few Malinois, and have had Rottweilers and Dobermans. Every member of the club adds their unique talent to the mix, as we all know it takes a village to raise a dog trainer. 

We have 2 full time helpers who are also competitive with their own dogs​

  • Ralph brings the experience and guidance to the program. Ralph knows how to help both the dogs and the handlers. He is irreplacable.

  • Liesl works her magic on the backline for every dog in protection. She makes sure mistakes don't happen.

Each handler has a spotter (an extra set of eyes ) to help in training.

More experienced handlers guide and coach new or inexperienced handlers so learning happens. 

Some of our members recent accomplishments


Regional Level

Ralph and Eik won the West Regional Championship

Mary and Karl won the Prairie Regional Championship

Karen and Iska were Vice Champions for West Region

Liesl and Fenix placed  4th

Daymon and Forrest placed 5th



World level:

Ralph and Eik represented Team Canada in Tilburg, Netherlands (Ralph received highest obedience score at the Championship!)

Karen and Iska also represented Team Canada in Tilburg and were the highest scoring team representing Canada!

National Level:

Ralph and Eik won the National championship - highest obedience score and highest protection score

Karen and Iska were the vice champions

Regional Level:

Ralph and Eik were the Western Regional Champions

Mary and Karl were the Quebec Regional Championshs

Karen and Iska were the Vice Champions at the Quebec Regional Championship


Ralph and Eik were the 2nd highest scoring team in Canada

Ralph and Eik were the top IPO 3 scoring team in Canada


World level:

Karen and Iska represented Team Canada in Meppen Germany at the World Championships

National level:

Karen and Iska placed in the top 5 to make the world team

Western Regional Championships:

Mary and Karl were Vice Champions


Karen and Iska were 2nd highest placing IPO 3 team in Canada

Mary and Karl were 3rd highest placing IPO 3 team in Canada

Even though their names aren't there, every Delta member is responsible for the clubs' success. It is a joint effort and for every hour a handler spends training, their spotter and team mates spend it as well. 

Delta team members are very much looking forward to a fun and successful 2020 and wish all IPO participants a great year!


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